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In this competitive world, Marketing and sales of any product/solution is a tough job but necessary for Business continuity and growth of the Organization. Personnel hold the key to effective performance and ‘knowledge’, ‘competence’, ‘awareness’ and ‘communication’ and ‘participation’ of personnel are the key requirements for this purpose.

Our Team can plan and provide a ‘Marketing and Sales’ Strategy based on a series of Organization ‘specific’ training programs which include

  • Brand Management and Channel Management based on Burke and Hedges principles

  • Accounts Planning and Account Management based on Miller- Heiman techniques

  • Financial and Accounting principles

  • We provide the following Organization specific trainingprovide sales and marketing training for solution and product selling organizations.

  • Behavioral Modification for salesmen to interact successfully with key decision makers.

  • Sales Force Automation Tools customized to suit product and business models

  • CRM solutions for Retail businesses

We are committed to handhold and work with Clients on this Sales and Marketing journey through projects, Consultancy, mentoring and Training routes and help them realize benefits which include

  • Customer focus

  • Improved Marketing and Sales efficiency at lower cost

  • Greater Profitability

Sales And Marketing


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