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Energy audits are mandated for SMEs and large companies, but they provide no assurance that energy performance including energy efficiency and energy use and consumption will improve.

ISO 50001:2011 – the Global standard for Energy Management Systems lays emphasis on systematic management of energy through establishment of necessary processes and systems. As energy costs account for a substantial proportion of the manufacturing costs, implementation of this standard will lead to reduction in energy costs and contribute to profitability and competitiveness. It will also act as a preventive tool contributing to continual improvement. Certification to this standard can act as a precursor to carbon footprint and, through its management, to reduction in GHG emissions.

For organizations wishing to be certified to ISO 50001:2011, we can conduct a gap analysis and formulate a strategy. This prepares the organization to focus in an effective manner, on improving weak performing areas and raise the overall competitiveness. We also provide help to update your documentation in line with the requirements and provide specific Training for implementing the documented processes in an effective manner.

Energy Management System


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