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With increased public awareness of environmental impacts– air, water and Land pollution etc, and OH&S impacts– of products, processes and Services in workplace activities, acts and situations of the organization, compliance to national regulations under EPA, Factory act, Electricity act, Hazardous chemicals rules and many others have acquired urgency and importance for business continuity as never before.

The Environmental Regulations vary from state to state and are becoming stricter day by day with the proactive role being played by the National Green Tribunal (NGT). Same is the case with the Factory act and other rules.

Global environmental concerns and the consequential environmental commitments of the Western countries are pushing the organizations in India for additional requirements to stay in line with their environmental commitments.

Many international organizations go beyond the factory act and insist on compliance to the Global standard – OHSAS 18001:2007 extending to

ILO – OSH guidelines and EN regulations on Machine safety (MS).

The list of statutory and regulatory requirements is forever changing with new concerns based on scientific findings emerging every day. Organizations need to update themselves on the changing regulatory requirements in the country of origin and the country of export to ensure that the products, processes and services of the organization comply with the new requirements on a continuing basis.

Our Team helps to establish a ‘Legal Compliance Management system’ which will address these challenges effectively and maintain Business continuity. This will include

  • Defining an Organization structure for compliance.

  • Training Managers on the Compliance requirements.

  • Updating the Management and Managers on new requirements related to their products, processes and services.

  • Initiating and Monitoring ‘ New Process design and/or ‘Process modification’ projects to ensure Compliance.

  • Implementing the new/changed process on the manufacturing line through documentation and training.

We can also provide the Organizations with ‘Legal updates’ both national and international applicable to their Organization so that they can address them through their Legal compliance Management structure.

Legal Compliance


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