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Small, mid-sized and large conformity assessment bodies engaged in certification of management systems, product, process and services or performing various types of inspection are required to

  • Update their documentation and processes

  • Train their key employees to upgrade the competency of their assessors/inspectors and

  • Conduct internal audits to keep their systems effective in line with the latest versions of ISO 17021, ISO 17065 and ISO 17020 respectively.

Our Team has the necessary background of the requirement of these Standards and expertise and experience in auditing to various management systems, inspection and assessment – both in the Office and at sites and is committed to handhold and work with clients through projects, consultancy and training routes to deliver these services in confidentiality and with no conflict of interest.

Benefits include

  • In-depth knowledge of the requirements of the Standards

  • Alignment of the documentation to meet the requirement of new versions of the Standards for Accreditation

  • Improvement of the competency of the Internal and CB auditors and product / process Inspectors

  • Improved Management System performance

  • Focus on the concerns of interested parties

Conformity Assessment

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