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MSME and large Companies engaged in manufacture and supply of products in India and abroad, are consistently making efforts to improve the occupational health and safety of its employees by.

With the ‘Make in India, Sell anywhere in the World’ initiative, emphasis and expectations on occupational health and safety of employees have increased both as the organization’s commitment and as the requirement from the customers in India and abroad.

We are committed to handhold and work with clients on this OH&S journey through projects, consultancy and Training routes and help them realize benefits which include.

  • Risk and opportunity assessment of occupational health and safety issues in the ‘context of the organization’

  • Mitigation of OH&S risks.

  • Management of Legal Compliance specific to occupational health and safety.

  • Reduction in incidence of injuries and ill health in the organization.

  • Increased confidence of the management, interested parties and customers in India and abroad in the occupational health and safety performance of the organization.



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