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With increased public awareness of Product safety, Compliance to National and Global statutory and regulatory requirements has acquired urgency and importance for business continuity as never before. This is further accentuated by Global Environmental concerns and the consequential Environmental commitment of the Western countries, which are the major importers of products from developing countries like India.

CPSI, CPSIA, P 65, CARB act, Lacey act, CONEG legislation are some of the many USA Regulations to name a few.

In EU, product safety is mandated through REACH, EN 71, RoHS, WEEE, many EU Directives and IEC Standards.

Other countries have similar controls, but mostly modeled on either US or EU legislations.

We offer help in establishing a ‘Compliance management system’ which will address these challenges effectively and maintain business continuity. This will include.

  • Defining an Organization structure for compliance

  • Training Managers on the Compliance requirements

  • Updating the Management and Managers on new requirements related to their products

  • Initiating and Monitoring ‘ New Product Development’ and/or ‘Product modification’ projects to ensure Compliance

  • Implementing the new/changed product on the manufacturing line through documentation and training

Product Compliance


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