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‘Environmentally Sensitive Organizations’ (ESO) go beyond the environmental and energy management systems and would like to focus on their contribution to the Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and on proactive steps that need to be taken to become ‘Carbon Neutral’.

Determination of the carbon footprint of the organization is an excellent first step as it will showcase their contribution to the global efforts on GHG emission reductions.

ISO 14064 -1 is the Global standard which specifies the method for quantification and reporting of GHG emissions and this will help create the base year carbon foot print arising out of the various activities of the organization in tons of CO2eq. This will help the organizations to formulate and decide their strategies to reduce GHG emissions (sources) or increase GHG removals (sinks) and/or go ‘Carbon Neutral’.

ISO 14064 – 2 is the Global standard which focuses on the Project based activities which an organization may then undertake for reducing GHG emissions or increasing GHG removals from their base year and provides a basis for evaluating the project performance.

ISO 14064 – 3 is the Global standard to verify and/or validate the GHG assertions of an organization or its project activities and issue a validation report or a validation /verification statement to the Client.

The Team has the expertise and experience in this area and is proud that the First Carbon Footprint Certification (CFPC) in India was obtained with our assistance.

We are committed to handhold and work with clients on this carbon footprint journey through projects, consultancy and Training routes and help them realize benefits which include.

  • Improved operational efficiency (IOE), which leads to better performance, less waste, lower energy consumption, lower costs and greater profitability.

  • Better management of sources and sinks of GHG Emissions.

  • Image in the country and world as a Environmentally Sensitive Organization (ESO)

  • Customer focus

Carbon Foot Print Management


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