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With increased hacking, piracy and industrial espionage incidents, organizations have become careful about preserving confidentiality, integrity and availability of their information and information channels. ISO 27001:2005 – the Global standard for Information security management systems provides a model for development of the management system of the organization, which will act as a preventive tool, based on its needs, objectives and security requirements. The standard lays emphasis on risk and opportunity assessment as a part of total information security management to manage Security performance effectively.

If your organization is one considering certification to ISO 27001:2005. Our Team can conduct a gap analysis – a strategy that will help the management to determine their needs, objectives and security requirements based on a risk analysis of the current processes. We can also provide help to update your documentation in line with the requirements of the Standard and provide Training for implementing the documented processes in an effective manner

Our Team helps in achieving ‘Continual improvement’ by conducting effective internal audits, Training and through guidance to the Management Representative.

Information Security Management System


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