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MSMEs and large companies, engaged in manufacture and supply of products in India and abroad are being increasingly challenged by interested parties, to mitigate the environmental impact of the products, processes and services by

  • Operating through certified Environmental Management Systems.

  • Effecting ‘improvements’ in their environmental performance – resource utilization, reduction of wastes, reduction of pollution and of energy consumption.

  • Effective control of environmental aspects in the provision of goods and services’ by their suppliers.

  • Ensuring Legal Compliance to national and global regulatory requirements and

  • Training their employees on environmental aspects and their impact, internal audits, assessment tools and skills development.

Increased energy costs have forced many of these companies to look closely on their energy performance including energy efficiency, energy use and consumption by operating through certified Energy Management System and realize the benefits of more efficient use of available energy, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and enhanced cost competitiveness and image

‘Environmentally Sensitive Organizations’(ESO) go beyond the environmental and energy management systems and would like to focus on their contribution to the Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and on proactive steps to become ‘Carbon Neutral’ through a certified Carbon Footprint Management System.

With the ‘Make in India, Sell anywhere in the World’ initiative, emphasis and expectations on Environmental and Energy performance and GHG emission reductions of the Organization have increased as never before

We are committed to handhold and work with clients on this journey which provides three options as above through projects, consultancy and training routes and help them realize benefits which include.

  • Risk and opportunity assessment of environmental Issues in the context of the organization.

  • Mitigation of environmental impacts.

  • Improved environmental performance, which leads to better resource utilization, less waste and lower costs.

  • Improved energy performance.

  • Contribution to mitigation of GHG emissions.

  • Greater profitability and competitiveness.

  • Focus on the concerns of interested parties.

Environment And Energy


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